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Proud owner of a new 1033 sq. ft. condo at Westfield. “Location was very important to me,” she says, "with my grandchildren very near by!” She loves her new home and having down-sized from a larger house, she has the experience to make this condominium a home with her own special touch. Sharon knew what she wanted – “and this was it!” she said with a smile. “It’s a lovely space and it’s very manageable." The basement was also a big selling point for Sharon. “It’s great – there is space for all your extra stuff.”

Sharon Pedigrew

A little over a year ago, we started looking for a place to call our home and Westfield Condominiums fit our taste and budget perfectly. Not only were we happy with the modern living space and the prime location, but the York Construction team was fantastic from day one! York took time to get to know us and our individual interests and went above and beyond to make sure we were completely satisfied with all aspects of our condo and, even still, with our everyday condo living. Our Westfield experience has been phenomenal thus far and we have found ourselves recommending it to many of our friends, both young and old.


Moved into her new condominium at Westfield at the beginning of December. She viewed the two-bedroom 1,167 sq. ft. home at the ‘gyproc stage’ and loved it already. “We really like the location, too." she said. “It's minutes from anything! The storage space is amazing and we truly appreciate the co-operation of York Developments. Whatever small thing we may have noticed, or wanted adjusted, they were there for us!”

Sarah Phillips